Calendar/ Rehearsal Schedule and Info

2022-2023 Band Calendar:

Listed below is a event calendar for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.

TCIS School Calendar:

Jefferson High School

2022-2023 Rehearsal Schedule


Rehearsal Schedule:

*Please note that the schedule is subjected to change. If students cannot attend rehearsals please notify directors.*

Summer 2022 Schedule

Summer 2022 Schedule:

Here are the dates for summer band rehearsal for the 2022 school year. These dates are mandatory of student participation in the 2022 marching show. Please note that some dates and times are subject to change.

Spirit Week Schedule

Spirit Week 2022:

Spirit Week will occur the 2nd week of camp: August 1st-August 5th

Here is the official spirit week schedule for week 2 of summer band! Please try and participate!

Update to Summer Schedule:

August 8th-August 12th:

Please make arrangements for this rehearsal schedule. These rehearsal times are mandatory. If questions or concerns please contact directors.

August 5th:

We are shortening the time of rehearsal on August 5th. Please make arrengements for this rehearsal.